Myrtle Creek takes step to improve parts of downtown

Goodog Bakery in Myrtle Creek, April 4, 2018. (SBG)

MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. -- The City of Myrtle Creek took a step forward this week to improve parts of downtown for years to come.

Jerrie Thomas has owned Goodog Bakery in downtown Myrtle Creek for almost a year.

She's excited that the city wants to help the area with an urban renewal plan.

"I renovated this building but boy, if we could get the rest of the downtown renovated and upgraded, it would be great,” said Thomas.

It's on Main Street where the City says the urban renewal plan could improve parts of the downtown area, such as adding new plants or moving ground utilities from people's view.

The plan is based on property taxes, so the City builds up money over time.

"You freeze the tax rate when you establish the agency,” Myrtle Creek Mayor Ken Brouillard explained, “and then, as time goes on, you make the assumption that property values are going to increase and property tax collections are going to increase."

It's a step-by-step process and residents may not see completed renovations for several years, but the mayor says the urban renewal plan could help keep downtown businesses open over time.

"Making sure the downtown area remains viable…it remains profitable for the business people that are here and we want them to know that we care."

Jerrie says she's willing to wait for the plan to come together. "Renovating this building took 10 months, so you can imagine…it's not gonna happen overnight."

The City hopes the plan will continue to help businesses such as Jerrie's in the future.

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