Mom of six surprises Kaiser nurse with the ultimate honor

Baby Kyleen alongside delivery nurse Kyleen Leineweber and the baby's mother, Ketty Cuza

A Hillsboro mom is getting used to life as a mother of six.

On January 30, she gave birth to her sixth child, a baby girl, at Kaiser Permanente, Westside Medical Center.

She was born a bit early, and there were some concerns about mother, Ketty Cuza's, health. A week before birth, Cuza went to the hospital. That's when she met labor and delivery nurse Kyleen Leineweber.

"I just felt super connected to her," the registered nurse said.

"She was like the only one I was listening to," Cuza said.

The two hit it off.

"'If you're going to have your baby,' we joked, I was like, 'you have to come on the day that I’m working,'" Leineweber said.

And timing just worked out. On the 29th, Cuza went into labor. On the 30th, she saw Leineweber.

"So, I started crying,” Cuza said. “I got so emotional because I saw her."

But soon, Leineweber would be crying, too.

"In the hospital, I heard they were calling her Ky,” Cuza said. “So, I said, ‘Oh it's Kyleen,’ and then I said, ‘I’m going to name her after her.’”

"Well I laughed because I thought she was joking," Leineweber said.

Cuza wasn't. Her mother just died, and Leineweber’s presence, smile, and care were just what Cuza needed.

"I just felt that I had an angel in the room," Cuza said.

Cuza had planned to name the sweet girl Anastasia.

"And then when they handed over the birth certificate with the worksheet, my name on it, I just... it was so cool,” Leineweber said. “I was just bawling my eyes out."

Leineweber has helped deliver around 2,000 babies. This has never happened to her. Her manager says these moments are very rare, but the fact that's it's Leineweber comes as no surprise.

"We frequently hear comments about her and how amazing she is with her care," said Jennifer Perez, a nurse manager at Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center.

For Leineweber, it's both an honor and a reminder that you never really know the impact you have.

“It goes to show that in that moment, on that day, the person that's with you - you never forget them,” Leineweber said. “We are forever woven into the thread of these families lives. It is so cool.”

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