Little River Road rock slide an unwelcome surprise for those who live there

Rock slide closes Little River Road (Photo courtesy Douglas County)

GLIDE, Ore. -- A rock slide south of Glide has caused Little River Road to shut down completely.

It was an unwelcome surprise to those who live there.

"We reached out to every one of the residents personally and made sure they're aware of what's going on," said Scott Adams, Douglas County Director of Public Works.

But residents have dealt with this problem before, and it’s not the first time Little River Road has been closed.

A rock slide in 2012 also shut down access, and public works says that the rocks that you see there now are from that slide.

Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice said they're waiting on the Federal Land Access Program to fix the continuing slides.

"Unfortunately, that program takes a while to navigate through,” said Boice. “We know that it's frustrating, but the end result of that is making our roads budget last as long as possible."

The closure also makes it hard for people to have quick access to food or medical attention.

A gravel road detour is available, but you can expect about a 30-minute delay.

"We're aware of those concerns and we're doing absolutely everything we can to mitigate that concern,” Boice said. “I think in reality those folks are kind of used to that. They live out here and this sort of thing does happen."

But public works says they’re working hard to get the road opened again.

"Just trying to get to that permanent solution,” said Adams. “In the meantime, we still need to maintain access for the local communities."

Public works officials say to expect Little River Road to be cleared in the next couple of weeks, with a permanent solution coming in 2019.

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