It's a record! Seattle accumulates most February snow since 1916

    Sun sets in Seattle after another snowstorm in February 2019. (Photo: Sigma Sreedharan Photography)

    SEATTLE -- Well, at least now you'll have something to tell your kids and grandkids about with this snow storm as you survived the snowiest February on record at Sea-Tac Airport!

    With 3.5 more inches Sunday and another 6.1 inches (and counting) on Monday, Sea-Tac now has recorded 20.2 inches of snow this month.

    That breaks the airport's February record of 13.1 inches recorded in 1949. Airport records go back to 1945.

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    It's now the second-snowiest February if you count the Seattle Federal Building's records which go back to 1894. We're still a far cry from the all-time record of 35.4 inches set during the record blizzard of 1916. But we've bested second place which was 17.4 inches, set in 1923. And in a weak El Nino year to boot!

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    If you count all of Sea-Tac's records, February 2019 currently sits as the 4th snowiest month on record, but we still have a chance to move up the charts. If you count the entire Seattle weather history with the Federal Building, it's now the 7th snowiest month all-time!

    Long range models are now suggesting that while we'll remain much cooler than normal for the next two weeks, we might not be as cold as the past two weeks and future weather systems may just bring a cold rain to Sea-Tac. We'll see!

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