Greenhill Humane Society gives bottle feeding class for kittens

Greenhill Humane Society gives bottle feeding class for kittens

EUGENE, Ore. - Kitten season is here, and on Sunday, Greenhill Humane Society held it's popular baby kitten class.

The group says that Eugene and Springfield has a pretty large cat community, and they're training and encouraging everyone to step up and foster some kitties.

"We're just teaching prospective foster parents about how to care for bottle baby kittens, which are our most fragile felines in the shelter that need round-the-clock care," said Hannah Washington, with Greenhill Humane Society.

People at the class sat through a brief presentation and demonstrations. Instructions included standard care routines from preparing bottles to litter box training.

"I have had bottle babies before, but I had a lot of difficulty and now I feel much more prepared to deal with the challenges and what kind of equipment I need," said Thea Peck, an attendant at the class.

"We're really here in the thick of kitten season, and right now it's more than ever that we really need foster parents," said Washington. "So if you're interested, contact us and we will help you get set up."

Greenhill says there are a lot of great reasons to become a foster parents, but the best is to help animals at their most vulnerable point.

To become a foster parent, or to find more information about bottle feeding kittens, you can visit Greenhill's website.

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