Government shutdown could have effect on tax season

    Government shutdown starts to creep into Tax Season

    EUGENE, Ore. - The government shutdown has now entered tax season, pushing the IRS to start processing tax returns at the end of the month.

    Though the IRS as a whole is up and running, some offices are still unavailable.

    Some departments that handle customer calls have closed because of the shutdown. That means if you have a question about your taxes, you might be left with a voicemail.

    Owner of Liberty Tax Services in Springfield, Tom Ames, says even his company hasn't had the same communication with the IRS like they normally do.

    “There are certain functions that we've had that have been outside the norm that aren't functioning right now," said Ames. "Like trying to get an EIN number, and get some assistance with that for people and a handful of other little things but as far as filing their taxes and making everything run smoothly, we anticipate no problems with that."

    The IRS is set to begin accepting and processing tax returns on January 28th.

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