Give a Square: Sutherlin woman helps hospitalized children worldwide through program

People from around the world send individual squares to a Sutherlin woman who knits or crochets them into blankets for sick children. (SBG)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Thanks to the work of a Sutherlin woman, children in hospitals are getting help from all over the world.

23-year-old Margaret Turner is a project leader for Give a Square.

People from around the world send her individual squares, which she knits or crochets into blankets for sick children.

"It's amazing. I could have never pictured it would,” Turner said. “The women who made this possible made it so fun to be a part of."

Margaret has put together 20 blankets so far, sending them to hospitals in Oregon and in other countries.

Three of her blankets have gone to Mercy Medical Center’s Pediatric Unit in Roseburg.

"I was really taken back and almost made me teary eyed,” said Mercy’s Jaime Simmons. “It was really sweet and was happy to take them for our sick kids."

Simmons says the kids find comfort and safety in the blankets.

“It gives them something to keep them warm and snuggle with. They love receiving something so beautiful."

Margaret says her favorite part of the project is seeing people from around the globe come together as one: "If you look at a blanket and figure all of the hands that have actually been a part of this and knowing that I'm gonna send it out of the country and some totally different person is going to give it to a child."

Margaret hopes more people will send her squares so more sick children can have blankets to light up their day.

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