Fire chief: Amity mother and daughter die in RV fire

A mother and her 8-year-old daughter died early Tuesday morning when their RV caught fire in Amity (Keaton Thomas).

AMITY, Ore. – A mother died trying to save her 8-year-old daughter from an RV fire in Amity early Tuesday morning, and family members say she died a hero.

Honey Cosgrove, 37, recently started staying at her mother's house along with her five children. They parked their RV in the front yard temporarily. All five children were sleeping in the RV on Tuesday when about 2 a.m. a fire started inside the vehicle.

"Woken up in the middle of the night, my grandson screaming that there was a fire," said Patty Krull, Cosgrove's mother.

All five children got out of the RV after the fire started, but Krull says her 8-year-old granddaughter, Nevaeh, went back inside to save a litter of puppies.

"[Her] first thought was to go get the puppies. She headed to the back of the RV to get the puppies, her mother was right behind her, and it ignited. I had four grandchildren screaming 'Mom's not coming out! Mom's not coming out!'" said Krull.

Cosgrove and her daughter both died in the fire. The four other children survived, but lost nearly everything.

The Oregon State Fire Marshal deemed the fire to be accidental. Their preliminary investigation determined that the fire started when something flammable got too close to a heat source. Amity Fire Chief, Bruce Hubbard, says the heat source may have been something like a kerosene lamp.

This was the first deadly fire in Amity since 2003, according to Hubbard.

Krull said the past 24 hours have been a blur. She said she still feels numb, having lost her daughter and granddaughter.

"My daughter died a hero. That's what I want people to know. She gave her life for one of her own, and a little one gave her life for puppies who didn't have their eyeballs open yet. They acted selflessly out of love. That's what people need to know," said Krull.

Krull described Cosgrove as a strong woman who could make friends with anyone.

"She's a fighter. 100 percent. She raised five children. Her oldest is 17. She's been doing this alone with me and my husband's support. Strong woman, loves her children, they were her life," said Krull.

Nevaeh was a blond-haired, blue-eyed third grader at Amity Elementary School.

Krull described her granddaughter as selfless. She said, "If a little girl who goes after puppies doesn't tell you something about a little life, I don't know what else could."

Tuesday, Amity School District posted the following statement on Facebook:

To our Amity family,
This morning our school community lost a dear third grade girl and her mother to a home fire. This is a terrible tragedy that causes much pain and grief for their family and our students and staff. There are several siblings who survived the fire and will be dealing with this tremendous loss for a long time. We will be looking for ways to support these students and their family in whatever ways possible in the coming weeks and months.

The community has stepped in to help family after this fire. A few thousand dollars have already been donated to family in a couple different ways.

You can donate money to the "Honey and Nevaeh memorial Fund" at any First Federal Bank. That money will go towards funeral expenses and helping the family recover.

You can also donate to a GoFundMe a friend of the family created to help purchase new items for two of the kids.

Donations of clothing, money or other useful products for the family can be made to Amity Christian Church. Contact Fredi McMullen ( ) for more information. The church will be coordinating directly with county agencies to deliver needed items directly to the kids.

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