Famous Oakland restaurant preparing to re-open

OAKLAND, Ore. -- Tolly's Restaurant in Oakland is coming back after going through the foreclosure process.

The restaurant was purchased by Don and Pat Knight of Oakland, in hopes of bringing back the popular eatery that had built a reputation up and down the west coast.

It was a big draw for the city and many of the antique shops and other businesses relied on that traffic.

The store closed on Labor Day after it went into foreclosure, but the Knights made an offer to the bank and it was approved, avoiding an auction.

Doug Longfellow, one of the partners in the venture, says now they're working to get it open by early February. "Right now we're remodeling the restaurant, trying to give it a fresh look and preserve what's here," he said.

Longfellow says that judging by the reaction they have received from the community, everyone is excited to have the restaurant back. "They're very excited, they're volunteering their help in our efforts to get this place re-opened again. Every day they pop in and ask if there's anything they can do for us or help us out with," he said.

Longfellow says they have a big job ahead, but it's actually going a little faster than he expected.

He says the new Tolly's will open with a combination of old and new, including a new menu that he says will be affordable.

They are hoping to have it open by Valentine's Day.

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