Expansion now underway at David Dewett Veterans Memorial

    Expansion now underway at David Dewett Veterans Memorial

    NORTH BEND, Ore. - Work is underway to expand the David Dewett Veterans Memorial in North Bend.

    It's been 12 years since the memorial opened.

    Point Man Ministries plans to add new statues to honor men and women veterans.

    Mark Winders, who served in the Vietnam war, has been involved since the beginning.

    "I was in denial of my PTSD, and because I have a good woman that stuck with me and pushed me, I got involved and sought counseling and the support of Point Man,” said Winders. “I realized that true healing is giving back."

    They're hoping to get about 60 to 65 thousand dollars in grants from the state for the addition of two sculptures, an irrigation system, and railings for the memorial.

    "The gold star represents the families who have paid the price of losing loved ones to the war,” said Winders.

    The second sculpture is the battlefield cross to honor a fallen soldier during war.

    "We don't like to look at it like they were killed, we like to look at it that they were heroes who were promoted to glory,” said Winders. “Its just one more thing to walk through and reflect on.”

    They're looking for financial support and volunteer help for the project.

    Winders says if everything goes according to plan, they'll have permission in April, finish construction in July and dedicate the memorial in August.

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