Douglas County Veterans Forum issues 'No Confidence' vote to VA Roseburg chief of surgery

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Douglas County Veterans Forum issued a vote of “No Confidence” Thursday for the Veterans Affairs VA Roseburg Healthcare System Chief of Surgery, Dinesh Ranjan, on Thursday, according to a news release.

The Forum’s executive board voted 8-0 to call for resignation, removal or reassignment of the Chief of Surgery.

Forum President Larry Hill said "the move was made after careful consideration by the 21 veteran groups which make up the forum’s membership," the news release said. "In accordance with the DCVF by-laws it is the Forum’s responsibility to express the desires and complaints of the majority of 5,000 plus veteran members."

The group said the decision to call for a vote of no confidence the Chief of Surgery was strongly prompted by:

• The overwhelming number of complaints received from VA employees,

• Issues and questions surrounding colonoscopies,

• Allegations of retaliation against VA employees,

• The large number of VA employee resignations, and

• Continuing complaints alleging a hostile work environment.

"We believe permitting the Chief of Surgery to continue in his position will continue to degrade VA employees' morale and thus affect their merciful and diligent care giving," the Forum said.

More from the DCVF:

This statement includes an appreciation for all the positive changes brought about in the past three years by Director Doug Paxton. He has affected real change in the VA Healthcare provided to Southern Oregon veterans. His leadership of the Roseburg VA Healthcare System is highly respected by the veteran community. Director Paxton has fostered open and honest communications with the veteran community which is admired and appreciated. He has the full confidence of the DCVF. He has been informed of this statement of No Confidence for the Chief of Surgery.
This statement of No Confidence was mailed to VA Secretary David J. Shulkin and the US House and Senate committees on Veteran Affairs. The DCVF remains Veterans Serving Veterans. For further Information: DCVF President Larry Hill: Phone 541-673-5668, or Vice President Jerry Anderson: Phone 541-672-0617. Contact email for DCVF is
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