Douglas County to halt recycling June 1 'due to the Chinese recycling import ban'

After June 1, this goes in the garbage in Douglas County until further notice. (SBG)

ROSEBURG, Ore. – Douglas County will no longer accept newspaper, plastic containers, glass, cardboard and other commonly recycled items starting June 1.

"Due to the Chinese recycling import ban, the Douglas County Landfill and Transfer Stations, as well as our recycling partner, Sunrise Enterprises, will be suspending recycling efforts in Douglas County," the county said Thursday afternoon in a statement. "This is an unfortunate, but necessary economic decision. The Chinese import ban has put a stop to what has been the primary market for Oregon recyclables."

The county said it will work to find another market for recyclables.

But for now, the county will no longer accept the following as of June 1:

  • Newspaper
  • Plastic containers
  • Plastic bottles
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Cardboard

"Until the recycling market can recover or possibly return, we ask that you dispose of the above mentioned items with your other household waste with your local waste disposal company or at the landfill or transfer station as refuse," the county said in its statement. " We have been informed that Sunrise Enterprises will be closing all of their Recycling Centers starting the first of June."

The problem stems in part from contamination of recyclable materials. In Lane County, officials have launched a "Garbage Guru" in an attempt to help residents determine what is - and what is not - recyclable.

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