Douglas County company is big on building tiny homes

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- For some, tiny houses are the next big thing, and a Douglas County company is on board with plans to build smaller living spaces in the area.

Those tiny houses you see on TV shows these days may soon be seen in your neighborhood as River Hawk Tiny Home Company builds these mini-houses in Douglas County.

"It creates a nice livelihood,” says River Hawk’s Nathan Kroeker. “We’re doing something we enjoy for us but has the benefit of serving the community and benefiting the community."

According to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing, the average cost of a home in Roseburg is about $160,000.

The company hopes to sell its tiny homes for about a quarter of that, making it more affordable to find housing.

“It's hard to save up for a home that's $161,000 dollars or more, or even less,” says Nick Noyes from Neighborworks Umpqua. “Whenever you're having to devote a lot to rental housing."

The River Hawk Tiny Home Company says they want to make it easier for people to find housing with or without buying.

"Visitors, mother-in-law, an aging parent, or a young student or medical professional, or someone transitioning to the area could rent from you," says Kroeker, who says the company also consults, designs, and builds these homes for sustainable living.

"A tiny home is a home with a story. Something that is literally from their backyard would be more meaningful, and to use the often-quoted word, ‘potentially sustainable.’"

Along with selling tiny houses, the company hopes to help others in Douglas County find a place to live.

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