Crews continue to battle the South Umpqua Complex fires

Crews continue to battle the South Umpqua Complex fires

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. - Crews are hard at work battling fires within the South Umpqua Complex close to Tiller.

With resources on foot and in the air, firefighters are hopeful that the helicopters will help contain the 25 fire within the South Umpqua Complex, which have burned over 1,500 acres.

"Often times, essential in getting to areas that are hard to access through with fire engines or hand crews quickly," said William Evans, a Helabase Manager trainee.

Crews are also making one fire in particular their highest priority.

The Miles Fire is burning about 450 acres in the area, and crews are working hard to not only contain it, but the other fires located in the South Umpqua Complex as well.

"We're doing our best, and we're trying to get some out of the way and off the board," said Tom Berglund. "So that we can take those resources from those fires and put them on the other fires."

With all the fires at 10 percent containment, firefighters are hopeful for the future.

"We've got two or three nearing containment already that we thought would give us more trouble," said Berglund. "And part of that is, 'cause we've been able to get people there fast. Also, because we've been able to use heavy equipment in places."

Crews have also requested three more helicopters to get the job done. In the mean time, residents who live close to the fires are keeping a close eye on the evacuation listings in the area.

With the Miles Fire moving fast, a level two "Get Set" notice was issued by the Douglas County Sheriff's Office for folks who live in address 1642 through 3200 on Tilson road in Tiller.

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