'Complete shock' in bank robbery charges against Oregon family

McMINNVILLE, Ore. -- The family from McMinnville that's behind bars in Texas on bank robbery charges was apparently having money problems before they moved to Texas this past summer.

Ronald Scott Catt and his children, Hayden and Abby, were arrested in Katy, Texas last week and officials there think they could be responsible for several Oregon bank robberies, as well.

On the former Catt home in McMinnville, there are five bullet holes in the front window -- just the latest strange twist in an even stranger case.

A notice on the home's front door that dates back to the end of June said the home has been abandoned and handed over to a mortgage company. Ronald Catt, who goes by his middle name Scott, and his son Hayden wore orange work vests and disguises as they carried guns and robbed a Texas bank, officials said. Police said Abigail drove the getaway car.

"Yeah, that's very unfortunate that you do anything like that," said Catt family acquaintance Danny Mealue. "And then to get the family members involved as well -- it's not good."

Until this past summer, Mealue helped Scott Catt with work around the family's McMinnville home. However, Scott Catt lost his engineering job with a Beaverton company and then apparently another job in Seattle.

"He did talk about selling ... selling and moving up to the Seattle area, but like I said, once he lost his job up there I stopped doing work for him," Mealue said.

Police in Texas tied the suspects to the purchase of construction vests at a Home Depot near where the Catts were living. They said the Catt family may be connected to a handful of bank robberies in Oregon, but FBI officials won't confirm whether they're looking at the case.

Hayden and Abigail Catt had been honor students at McMinnville High School. Hayden was a star on the McMinnville High School swim team and Abigail was also a member of the team.

Eric Lundeen knew all of the Catt family.

"It's a complete shock," he said. "When they were in McMinnville, you wouldn't suspect them. They were really, solid community members."

Now the family that used to live in McMinnville is being held on criminal charges in Texas. Scott and Hayden Catt face $140,000 bail while Abigail's bail is set at $100,000.

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