Cobb School students replant trees burned in last fall's Horse Prairie Fire

Middle schoolers from Cobb School in Roseburg replant trees at the site of the Horse Prairie Fire near Riddle, March 12, 2018. (SBG)

RIDDLE, Ore. – Middle schoolers at Cobb School in Roseburg helped replant trees that were burned in wildfires last fall.

A dozen students spent time helping a community rebuild with equipment in hand, coming together to replant trees burned by the Horse Prairie Fire just outside Riddle.

The fire burned thousands of acres and forced many to evacuate.

Riddle resident Rob Schornstein remembers having to leave his home.

"When this first took place, it was devastating to us,” he said, “it was tough."

Schornstein let the Cobb School analyze the soil impacted by the fire for their class project and in return, got almost a thousand new trees in his backyard.

"It develops that sense of, ‘It's not all about me and all for me;’ we're all part of a community," explained Cobb School science teacher Barbara Brodsky-Post.

School officials say that trips like these can help plant a seed for children's interest in science.

“Not everybody is going to want to be out in the woods and a naturalist,” said Brodsky-Post, “but they get to see themselves doing a real science."

Schornstein says he's happy the students are finding value in an area once considered a loss.

"I ended up having gratitude out of the loss and it has brought us so many new friends."

Cobb middle schoolers plan on visiting the area in the future to see the impact they've made in the land and the community.

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