City of Roseburg reminds residents to keep grass & weeds trimmed

(KPIC image)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Fire season is on its way and now the City of Roseburg is reminding those who live in the area to clean their property before it's too late.

Under a city ordinance, property owners are required to cut grass and weeds that grow taller than one foot.

City officials say low rainfall and higher temperatures can quickly dry out vegetation.

"Just let people know, 'Hey, spring time; grass is starting to grow. If you could mow your lawns, keep it down where it needs to be, then that's a good thing,’” explains Roseburg Community Development Director Stuart Cowie.

Poison ivy and blackberry vines are other examples of vegetation that property owners need to keep below that twelve-inch height limit.

The City says it will enforce the law to keep local residents safe.

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