'Buy a Car, Get a Gun': Roseburg dealership draws attention to Second Amendment discussion

    Earnest Auto Sales car dealership in Roseburg, June 25, 2018. (SBG)

    ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Second Amendment is a hot topic in Douglas County.

    A Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance will go to the county's voters in November.

    Now, a Roseburg car dealership is adding to the conversation.

    Earnest Auto Sales is having a "Buy a Car, Get a Gun” sale to support Second Amendment rights.

    The owner says he hopes this sale will start a conversation now that the Second Amendment Ordinance is on the ballot.

    "It's not just a sales gimmick to get you in to buy a car,” said Earnest Auto Sales owner Jeremy Magar, “although that's how we do make our living. It is more of a thing to get people talking and on the same page."

    The owner says he talked with Oregon State Police and attorneys before green-lighting the sale, limiting the guns to only sporting rifles.

    Anyone 18 or older is eligible and will be responsible for any other costs.

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