BottleDrop Center aims to make recycling in Roseburg easier

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Returning empty cans and bottles can get to be a hassle. Now, there's a new BottleDrop Center in Roseburg that might make it easier.

We went out to see how it works.

Turning in those used cans and bottles at the local grocery store is slowly going away.

Roseburg has joined a growing list of Oregon cities with a BottleDrop Center.

That means less waiting in the cold.

"Now I recycle them and I don't have to go to some place and stand in line for a long time and still be a little green, anyway," says Roseburg resident Bob Vangstad.

The new center offers three ways for you to return cans and bottles:

You can use the machines just like you're used to and get your money.

Employees can hand count the containers for you.

You can set-up an account for a small fee and drop off the cans in a special bag at any time of the day or night.

"BottleDrop is offering a really clean and convenient way for people to come in and have some options in their return. No more standing in a long line at the grocery store," says Joel Schoening with Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, which says they've seen more people returning containers since the state doubled the recycling deposit to 10-cents.

They expect to see a 20 percent increase from last year.

BottleDrop users say the centers make it easier for them to recycle cans and bottles and get their deposit back.

"I signed up for an account, got bags and got my card,” says Vangstad, “it was real easy and real helpful. It's super. It's a great addition to the community."

This is BottleDrop's 22nd location in Oregon. They hope to have 45 centers by 2020.

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