Author speaks about PTSD to veterans at Roseburg event

(KPIC image)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A group in Douglas County wants to make it easier for veterans to talk about post-traumatic stress disorder.

Veterans for Peace presented author Tim Keenan to talk about his experience with PTSD.

Keenan spoke with fans this weekend about his book, "The Good Hike."

He says hiking is something that helped him during the toughest times.

"It gave me the strength and peace to do that because I had this great fear of the woods from being in the jungle all the time,” Keenan explained, “I was over in Vietnam, so when I got on the Appalachian Trail, after I learned to relax, I could write about it and talk about it."

Veterans for Peace plans to organize more events in the future to talk about the importance of mental health for veterans.

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