At work or play, take steps to stay safe under the sun

Officials say to stay hydrated when working--or playing--in hot weather. (SBG)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- With the sun blazing, workers with Noble Roofing and Construction in Douglas County are hard at it in some very hot temperatures.

Company owner Michael Gordon says he takes steps to make sure his guys are safe with tips anyone can use.

"Hydrate well, sunblock, maintain decent break times and everything," Gordon says, "so if they get a little bit too hot up there, it would require them to get off the roof; get them in a little bit of shade and stuff like that."

Roseburg Fire Department Chief Gary Garrisi says to wear loose clothing and drink plenty of water on hot days because prevention is key.

"If you're staying hydrated, you're limiting your exposure at the heat of the day," the chief says, "Make sure if you're not feeling well, that you stop what you're doing and make sure you cool down."

But Garrisi says cooling off by the river may not be the best choice.

"River temperature is 50-to-60-degree water so you want to be very careful to not get too much time in the river and watch out for hypothermia and that kind of thing."

And in or out of the water, heat exhaustion is something to keep in mind.

Signs include muscle cramps and excessive sweating.

That's why Gordon has his workers use the buddy system.

"They all look out for each other." says Gordon, "so if one guy starts to seem a little confused or dazed or anything like that, they make sure they get off the roof."

No matter how hot it gets, those extra steps can help keep you cool and safe this summer.

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