Ashland woman appears as a contestant on The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

A woman from Ashland appeared as a contestant on The Price Is Right Wednesday morning.

The show was taped last month in December and the Contestant, Marlys Walters, says she could not tell anyone what she won until her show aired.

Walters says she was visiting California and decided to book tickets for the show. The tickets were free and guaranteed.

"Well, I want to go on a game show while I was there and I always watched the price is right and thought, that's a good one," Walters said.

She's originally from California, but the day she was on The Price Is Right, she was representing where she now calls home, Ashland Oregon.

Her brother, Allen Walters, who she says is extremely lucky, knew she was going to be picked to go on the show from the start.

"She had won that necklace a few nights before and I said, that's a sign, you're just going to be lucky," Allen said.

And he was right! Marlys was wearing her lucky necklace at the time of the show and with the luck of her brother, she won everything she wanted.

She says being on the show was something she can check off her bucket list.

"It was surreal, the whole thing, you can't hear a thing that they're saying on stage. You can't hear Drew talking or the announcer talking," Marlys said.

In the midst of all the chaos, she didn't forget who was important.

"I want to say hi to all my friends back home, my family, especially my brother Allen who gave me all his luck and my mom and Larry and my son," Marlys said

She went home with a new stove with five burners, meat thermometer, pots, pans, an Apple computer, and a skeeball game.

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