A fine wine, chilled: How King Estate is preparing for freezing temperatures

The wine grape harvest came early for a third year in a row. Workers have been busy at King Estate Winery near Lorane bringing in the harvest. (SBG/Hannah Kintner)

EUGENE, Ore. - The freezing temperatures might affect small plants and vegetation, but the wine industry in the Willamette Valley is not concerned.

One grape expert at King Estate Winery says it's typical for wineries to see below-freezing temperatures at their vineyards, but right now the winery is pruning, which is the next step in preparation for the upcoming harvest season.

They're also not concerned with the freezing temperatures affecting their vines. If you grow grapes at home, win expert Edward Burke has this advice:

"One thing you can do is put off the pruning process until later in the winter, early spring," said Burke, who is a Viticulturist at King Estate. "The more growing point you have out there, the slower they are to start growing when temperatures are minimal."

Burke says that wineries have to start the pruning process in early December due to the amount of vines they have to maintain. If temperatures drop down to the single digits later in the season, they do have frost fans to protect the vines.

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