Watch: Space Needle's new all-glass floor now open to public

The Space Needle's "Loupe" featuring all-glass floors 500 feet above the ground openeds to the public Friday, August 3, 2018. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE - One of the best views in the city opened its doors to the public for the first time on Friday, but it's not for the faint of heart.

The Space Needle will unveil it's much-anticipated, new all-glass floor called "the Loupe."

The Loupe is located 500 feet above the ground and is said to be the only revolving glass floor in the world.

"This is the only rotating glass floor on the planet. We not only have downward views 500 feet, but you also see the mechanics of the floor," said Karen Olson, chief marketing office of the Space Needle.

Visitors who dare to step food on the new glass floor will get a remarkable view of the needle's elevators and counter weighs.

"There's 12 motors, there's 48 rollers and so it is a loop," said Olson. "But the Loupe that watchmakers use is how you look at the mechanics of a watch, so it kind of looks like a giant watch. So we called it the Loupe."

Watch: A sneak peak at the Space Needle's new all-glass floors:

Some may wonder how they keep all the glass clean.

"We have a lot of glass, we increased the glass by 200 percent," said Olson. "We used to have a housekeeping department, now we have a glass-keeping department and they work all day all night, for all this glass."

Watch: So how does the Space Needle keep all that new glass clean?

"The Loupe" will be part of the new multi-level experience.

Two dozen all-glass benches were installed on the observation deck back in May.

The Space Needle had been covered in construction tarps with a giant platform attached since last fall. But all that has now come down as $100 million renovation project nears complete.

The restaurant portion likely won't reopen until sometime late this summer or early fall, spokesman Dave Mandapat told KOMO News last month.

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