Sen. Bill Cassidy discusses 'gag clause,' healthcare cost transparency

(Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Both parties in Congress are working on providing transparency on healthcare pricing for the American people.

I recently sat down with Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana) to talk about removing something called the "gag clause." Here’s what he had to say:

SEN. CASSIDY: Let’s take drug cost. We have a white paper on the internet at our website several proposals. We’re pleased to say the administration is adopting some of them. Example, when you go to the pharmacist for a prescription, some pharmacists have a contract that forbids them from telling you that it would be cheaper to pay cash than to pay your deductible. Pay cash, get it for $10, pay your deductible, you have to pay $50. They can’t tell you that because of the contract.

BORIS: What’s that called?

SEN. CASSIDY: A “Gag Clause.” The administration is going after it in the Medicare area.

Get rid of the Gag Clause, allow the patient the power of information, allowing her to save the money instead of subsidizing the middle man.

There is a lots of support on both sides of the isle. It just makes sense. Now if there’s one things we can say after Obamacare is that everybody at the table for Obamacare has made a lot of money—big insurance, pharmaceuticals, for-profit hospitals, hospitals in general. Who has paid? The patient is paying with dramatically higher premiums and the tax payer is paying with dramatically higher subsidies. We need to change that and allow the patient and taxpayer some relief.

Here’s the Bottom Line: Removing the gag clause will put important, potentially life changing information where it belongs - back in the hands of the American people. I applaud Congress for this bipartisan effort. And truly hope that it is successful.

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