World's first flying car production model comes to life

Featuring: PAL-V LibertyWhere: Raamsdonksveer, NetherlandsWhen: 16 Mar 2018Credit: PAL-V/Cover Images

Unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show PAL-V have previewed the world’s first flying car production model – the PAL-V Liberty.

Dutch aircraft manufacturer PAL-V launched the flying car that can convert from drive to flight mode in under 10 minutes, describing it as "a car that flies" and "a plane that drives."

Certified to fly under the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency, the PAL-V Liberty also meets standard road-safety requirements.

The hybrid vehicle has a 200-horsepower engine that can reach driving speeds of up to 100 mph in nine seconds, and a maximum flying speed of about 112 mph.

It accommodates a driver and one passenger, and drivers will need a license to both fly and drive the road-able aircraft.

The product will be go through the final step of the safety certification process this spring, meaning it could be on the on the roads and in the skies by next year.

However, the vehicle is already available to buy. The limited-edition Pioneer design, manufactured in a limited edition of 90, was the first PAL-V Liberty model on the market, retailing for just over $600,000. The PAL-V Liberty Sport models will be made available next. This will offer less personalization of features such as carbon-fiber detailing and dual controls, but will come at a lower price of just over $350,000.

The vehicle will be cheaper to own and operate than a standard helicopter, while also being able to operate as a car. Costly hangar space is also spared, since owners can park the vehicle in a garage.

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