Spotlight on DC: Blackberry Festival Cook Off

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Blue Ribbon Blackberry Cuisine: Blackberry cook-off

Can you believe we have been having a BlackBerry cook-off for 22 years? In the beginning, there were only five or six categories including one for children under the age of 12. In later years there were 12 categories. Jams and jellies had their own slots. As people began experimenting and thinking outside the box, meats and candies were added in 2002. Entries in meet have been the most exciting each year with ribs, Cornish hens, kebabs, Doritos, and salmon. Candies are always done elegantly and tastes are exquisite. Of course, all the other entries are delicious and very hard to judge, say the judges every year. Our judges are from all walks of life around the community. Many come back year after year to sample the delicacies.

Chili cook-off

The chili cook-off is another favorite with our judges. These are different judges from the desserts as they have distinct taste buds for the best chili. Some have been judging for over 10 years.Through the 20 years of this event some entries have been very hot and others just have the right ingredients to make the prize-winning chili. The contestants have also been making their chili for many years for the cup Titian. Some are husband and wives competing in all three categories, Women’s, Men’s, and Texas Style No Beans. There are years when the ladies won it all and other years when the men are the winners. It is a lot of fun to see them hassle each other and make a challenge for the next year. Come out to see what is going on in the cook-offs held in the Sutherlin Community Building.

For more information please check the Sutherlin event webpage.

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