Duck fans on edge: 'I'm hoping it won't be too serious'

EUGENE, Ore. - With possible NCAA sanctions for the Duck football program, students at the University of Oregon are eager to find out what's next.

"I'm hoping it won't be too serious," said junior Joseph Kuklinski. "I feel like we did commit infractions because most schools who have gotten to the top have committed infractions."

"I hope nothing will happen," junior Gabriella Rubino said. "I love our football team."

The football team is accused of bending the rules to recruit top players out of Texas.

There's no word yet on what the specific sanctions will be, putting fans on edge.

"I think it'll be pretty detrimental," student Dylan Lee said. "We wouldn't be able to go to any bowl games. We wouldn't be able to be nationally ranked."

But said if the Ducks did break the rules, the program should be held accountable.

"If it's something they've committed and if it's a serious issue, then they should be punished for it," said graduate student Brandi Freeman.

No matter what happens, Lee said he'll still be rooting for the Ducks.

"I'm a pretty die-hard fan," he said. "I go to games regardless if we win or not, so it would hurt, but I'm going to be there, front row, section 8, like always."