Kaptivating Kidz: Blazing Billies

The Blazing Billies are made up of kids from Pleasant Hill, Creswell, Springfield, Lowell and Dexter.

Head coach David Klecka and his volunteers lead the way as five of the Blazing Billies recently came home from the West Coast AAU Junior Olympics in Reno, Nevada with two golds, a silver and a pair of bronze medals.

Those five athletes are in Houston, Texas this week for the AAU Track & Field National Championships.

14-year-old Austin Klecka even broke the West Coast Junior Olympic Javelin record with at throw of 147-feet and 10-inches. The previous mark was 133-feet even.

You have to check out this cast of characters, they are certainly a bunch of little hams, in this weeks Kaptivating Kidz.

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