Hundreds of cross country runners compete at Roseburg High meet

(SBG/Ashley Honea)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Douglas County cross country runners have kicked off the fall season.

The Roseburg Indians played host to their one and only home meet Wednesday afternoon.

Hundreds of runners from schools across the county gathered at Stewart Park for the event.

The runners ranged from sixth grade to high school seniors and the stage was set with a 5,000-meter race ending at the Stewart Park band shell.

Roseburg's cross country coach says it’s the diversity of students that makes these mini-run fests fun.

"What's cool about cross country is you set a time at the beginning of the year and then a successful season is just improving upon it,” said RHS coach Nathan Eckman, “so you could be at any level, and so it's just really cool. Obviously we've got the high end runners and then people who are just going so it's really cool. But we support everybody."

The next competition for the Indians is Saturday, October 1.

Half the team will be heading to Palo Alto, Calif., for the Stanford Invitational and the other half to the Woahink Lake Invitational at Honeyman State Park in Florence.

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