'Stache and Bash

It's the one of the manliest things a guy can do.

There's the handlebar, the walrus and even the Fu Manchu.

Rollie Fingers had one, same with Dennis Eckersley and Goose Gossage too.

And then there's this year's Oregon State baseball crew.

"I mean it's just something to change the look up a little bit," said pitcher Ben Wetzler. "It's something fun for the guys."

"Once I saw how good Wetzler's looked on him, I had to jump on board because that thing is filthy," said catcher Ryan Gorton.

They are referring to mustache mania. It started with the pitchers when they were sporting 'Staff 'Staches.' Then it made its way through the dugout during March and it just kept on going.

"This is about a month strong so far, but it's not completed yet," said Gorton about his mustache. "I haven't decided yet, maybe get a little curl up action. I don't know."

"This has been growing for about a month and a half," said Wetzler about his mustache.

The lip fur lives on. Head coach Pat Casey doesn't mind the facial hair as long as they're winning.

"Whatever it is that they're doing, if they're having a good time with it and we're winning, I'm okay with it," said Casey. "I might make them shave if we start losing with them though"

Whenever one of the "'Stache and Bash" crew hits a double, out comes the mustache motion. For their opponents, a troubling notion. It's a swipe under the nose with their finger resembling their mustache.

"There's got to be an intimidation factor," said Gorton. "Like, 'How old is this guy? Is he 30 years old?' I hope it strikes a little fear in them."

What started as fun has now turned into a mustache-troversy. Which one is the most 'stache-tastic?

"Definitely me," said Wetzler. I mean mine's the fullest, and it goes down the farthest."

"I can't say for sure," said Gorton. "I'll let the fans decide that."

"They're all bad," joked Casey. I haven't seen a good one yet. I think for sure, I don't know who has the best, but I know who has the worst, Max Gordon."