Robinson: Too early for desperation

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- The Beavers are still looking for their first conference win this season as they face UCLA on Thursday.

The two teams are heading in opposite directions. The Bruins have won nine games in a row, while the Beavers have dropped three straight.

"I think it's too early to have a sense of desperation because we've only played three games.," said Craig Robinson. "We have 15 more games to play."

Instead of desperation, Robinson says his team needs to play with urgency.

"We're working hard but we're not getting the wins," says Devon Collier. "That means we have to work even harder. The freshmen have to step up even more. This just challenges everybody."

Oregon State will be without Eric Moreland and Victor Robbins against UCLA, but Robinson did say their suspensions will end following the game, meaning they will be available against USC.

For Beavers fans that are starting to panic about the team's record, Robinson says his message is patience.

"Since I've been here, our teams have gotten better towards the end of the season every year," says Robinson. "We just started out at a higher level, so hopefully I'm still planning on having this team get better."