Local boys headed to the World Series

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A team of 14-year-old boys in the Umpqua Valley Babe Ruth Baseball League are heading for the Triple Crown World Series this summer.

They finished second out of 24 teams at a Memorial Day tournament.

Now, the Douglas County squad is focusing on Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and the world series.

Matthew Gibson plays center field, and told KPIC News the team is truly that: a team. "We all play as a team, that's what always counts," he said. "You don't want a team that can play one person, you want a team that can play together, and that's what makes our team the best."

He stopped short of guaranteeing a victory, but is pretty confident what the results from the tourney will be. "Everyone's going to know where Roseburg is after this," he said.

Their coach, Cameron McDowell, says this is the first time any Douglas County baseball team has qualified for the Triple Crown World Series.

There are still teams trying to qualify for this tournament in August.

McDowell says typically around 50 teams nationwide will qualify.

The team is beginning to fundraise for the trip, which is estimated to cost about $15,000.