KVAL Sports Predictions: Regular season finale

It's the final week of the college football regular season. After Hurricane Isaac postponed the week one game, Nicholls State will finally make the trip to Corvallis. Time for PREDICTIONS.

Nicholls State vs. Oregon State

Tom: There is absolutely NO DRAMA in this one. The Colonels have no shot against the Beavers. Oregon State will have no trouble correcting their turnover problems from the Civil War loss to Oregon, and should put up plenty of points. Furthermore, the Beavers should have ample opportunity to play some 2nd and 3rd stringers in the second half. OSU will finish 9-3, and will most likely get a bid to the Holiday Bowl. Nicholls State:16 Oregon State: 58

Nick: Let's pretend it is September again shall we? At first I was against the make-up game at the end of the season, but now with the prospects of making it from 3-9 a year ago to 9-3 now, I am game. Plus, who doesn't love a little more football? But it won't be much of a game. The Beavs clean up their mistakes from the week prior in the Civil War and blowout the Colonels by halftime with a six-game improvement and a trip to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl on December 27th. Nicholls State: 7 Oregon State: 38

Dirk: This is a no-brainer. Nicholls State is an FCS school and not a very good either (1-9). The Beavers don't need the game or the victory. It is a meaningless game, but it gives OSU more practice and an opportunity to blow off a little steam from the Civil War loss. The Beavs will win and win comfortably. We should see the back-ups getting plenty of playing time. Nicholls State: 10 Oregon State: 52

Phil: After losing to Oregon last week, Jordan Poyer said he couldn't wait to take out the loss on somebody. That somebody is Nicholls State. There is really no question who will win this game. The Colonels enter the matchup with a seven game losing streak and a 1-9 record. I see Sean Mannion and the rest of the starters playing a quarter or two, before making way for the backups. Several Beaver players still remember the sting of losing to Sacramento State last season, so they won't take this game for granted. Plus for 16 seniors, it will be the final time playing in front of the home crowd at Reser Stadium. Nicholls State: 6 Oregon State: 58

The Standings

Everyone in the sports office correctly predicted that the Ducks would win the Civil War last week. Nick still has a one game lead over everyone, and that won't change this week. We will have to wait until bowl season.

1. Nick: 18-4 (21), 2. Tom: 17-5 (22.5), 2. Dirk: 17-5 (21), 4. Phil: 17-5 (17.5)

What do you think will go down this weekend? You can let us know in a variety of ways.


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