David Fink marches to the beat of a different drum

Beaver sophomore David Fink marches to the beat of a different drum.

"It first started when I was really young," said Fink. "My dad used to drive me to kindergarten, and he would play these ridiculously weird songs. Through that I used to imagine that there was an imaginary drum set in the car. He would say, 'Dave break it down,' and I would try to play it."

He got his first real band kit when he was 12, but he's never taken a music lesson.

"I would put on head phones or turn up my stereo as loud as I could to make my parents really mad, and then just play along with the songs," said Fink.

"That's how my musical feel is. How I interpret the music is how I play."

The Hawaii native jams out back home with a reggae band called Summa Sounds.

"Me and the singer still keep in touch a lot," said Fink. "We play and jam when I go back home. If we get a big break, we'll make some songs and get creative."

As Fink battles back from a wrist injury this season, he says music helps him on the course.

"Anytime I'm in the woods or get frustrated, I like to bring that song up and crack a little smile," said Fink. "I just try to remember there is music going on and the world is still going."

It's all about tempo and rhythm, but most all, Fink says music keeps him grounded.

"When I need a break from life, I can just come in here and play," said Fink. Put on my headphones, turn on some music and just play."

Perhaps it's because hears a different drummer.