Braud on winning title: 'That feeling was so great'

EUGENE, Ore.-- Kayla Braud is working hard this summer, perfecting her craft at her old stomping grounds, Marist High School.

"All the decisions you make surround those four years you have in college, it's just an opportunity that you can't waste it," said Braud.

At Alabama, she has been named the SEC Freshman of the Year and a first team All-American, now Braud is a national champion.

"That feeling was so great," said Braud. "It was so fun to be the last team in Oklahoma City that won. It's such a great accomplishment. I'm so proud of my team."

That feeling reaffirmed Braud's choice to play at Alabama. She wanted to bring the Crimson Tide their first softball title in school history.

"Going to a Pac-12 school would have been great, but at the same time, getting to do something for the first time and putting my name in the history books forever and doing something that no one else has ever done, was really special," said Braud.

Plus, she says Tuscaloosa is a softball crazed town.

"We get tons of fans," said Braud. "We sell out our stadium, we get 3,000 fans a game. The culture is a lot different than here, but it's been a great experience."