Beavers to face tough test in Kansas

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Former Oregon State head coach Ralph Miller was once a standout basketball player for the Kansas Jayhawks.

This Friday, for the first time ever, both of his former teams will face off.

The Beavers will face their toughest test so far this season when it plays No. 10 Kansas in Kansas City.

"When we are striving for the things we're striving for, this is a time where you get to shine" says Craig Robinson. "You get to show the nation what you're up to, here in Corvallis."

Oregon State is off to a 4-1 start for the second season in a row. The Beavers have also had four different players lead the team in scoring this year.

With a month left before Pac-12 play, Robinson says he will use the Kansas game as a measuring stick

"It's also good to see where you fair nationally," says Robinson. "When you're striving to get to the NCAA tournament and be one of those teams at the top of the rankings."

Roberto Nelson says it's easy to get excited about playing Kansas, a team full of players with NBA potential, according to Nelson.

"Those guys are built, and they feed off of momentum," says Nelson. "We have to try and contain them as much as possible and hope that we have a good game."

Come the end of the season, most NCAA tournament teams have signature wins, for the Beavers, Robinson says this could be one of them.