Voters shoot down levy, Rose School to close

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After voters shot down a proposed levy to try and shore up the Roseburg School District budget, a local elementary school will be closing its doors.

The levy was solidly defeated with 58% of voters against it, compared to 48% against.

The levy would have provided funding for technology upgrades, building maintenance and curriculum.

It would have also allowed the district to keep the doors open at Rose Elementary.

Now, school board chair Steve Patterson says the board plans, at this point, to go through with closing Rose.

Officials say they're disappointed in the vote, and while they don't want to close a school, the finances left them without another option. "Now we have to go on to plan B, and plan B is, that frankly, we've made so many cuts now, we cannot cut more staff and programs," said Dr. Larry Parsons.