Reedsport: Mascot fight far from over

REEDSPORT, Ore. -- Despite the Governor's veto on school mascot legislation, Reedsport Community Charter School officials say the fight to keep their mascot isn't finished just yet.

They say they are not about to make any changes to the place they call home. "At this point, yes, we aren't looking at replacing it, we aren't looking at changing anything at this point," said principal Laura Davis. "Again, I'm kind of waiting. I don't think the dust has settled on this issue."

Davis says in the original school yearbook they found the school's name was dedicated to the local Umpqua tribe. "There's been a partnership and tradition of working with the Native Americans in this area."

Students don't want to see their mascot changed either. "We think it's stupid, in that we've been the Braves forever and it's stupid," said junior Katie Wall. "We will have to change just because somebody thought it's not fair."

Students from Roseburg High School say they don't agree with the ban either.

The district plans to continue the fight for it's name, but superintendent Jim Thomas says it won't be easy. "If the governor is going to veto the legislature's actions, it's going to be very difficult to fight it."

But that's not stoping the Braves. "I hope that we can fight this until the end, and in the end we will stay the Braves."

If nothing changes, the Braves will have to drop their name by 2017 or else they risk losing state funding.