Oregon state senator pitches background check bill

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The state legislature just wrapped up committee hearings in preparation for February's legislative session.

One hot topic will be Senator Floyd Prozanski's proposed gun control bill that would require background checks for all gun transfers.

Prozanski says his bill, similar to one that failed to get a vote last year, will move forward.

Republican state representative Tim Freeman says the bill would require background checks like consumers go through when they purchase a gun from a store, but it will also require the same for private sales. "So, Friday afternoon in the Senate, the judiciary committee had a hearing on LC-154, and that's the bill that has to do with requiring background checks for all sales of firearms, including private sales," Freeman said.

Republican state representatives say they're concerned this would lead to state-wide gun registration. "If the law passes, the very next session they will come back and ask for a bill to register all guns in Oregon, and that's the fear behind continuing gun control legislation," Freeman said. "I don't believe it's needed."

Prozanski says the bill is designed to help reduce ways for felons to get ahold of guns.

Prozanski also says he does not support state-wide gun registration.