Ore. bill would let vets use marijuana for PTSD

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- For war veterans, PTSD can be something difficult to get away from, and a bill heading for the governor's desk would allow people to use medical marijuana to help.

But, not every veteran agrees with the idea.

Jim Little, a Roseburg area veteran, says he was diagnosed with the disorder at one time. "I experienced being under fire and how that makes a person feel, and I also saw the deaths of my shipmates," Little said.

He's just one of many veterans with terrible memories of war. "I think that anyone who has experienced combat has some small segment of PTSD, I believe, because that's something that stays with you for the rest of your life," Little said.

A bill allowing the use of medical marijuana has passed the Oregon House and Senate.

Some doctors say marijuana can help people to recover.

Physician David Bearman practices in Santa Barbara, and says marijuana is a very useful tool in coping with PTSD. "It's a tranquilizer," he said. "It tends to help people feel less on edge. It's something that many with serious PTSD have found very useful."

Jim Little isn't one of them. "Recovery from that was due to my faith and a wonderful spouse," Little said.

The bill is headed to Governor Kitzhaber's office.