Official: Government shutdown not affecting WIC program

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- While some local services are being impacted by the government shutdown, the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program isn't one of them. In the month of September alone, the WIC program served more than 3,000 people in Douglas County.While some people are worried about receiving the assistance from the program due to the government shutdown, officials say they shouldn't worry, for now. Dale Erickson, the WIC Program Manager, says they have enough money to get through, even if the shutdown lasts until the end of the month. "Right now, the WIC program is not being seriously affected by the government shutdown," he said. "The State of Oregon WIC program has operational funds to carry us through at least the month of October."Erickson says that Oregon WIC officials are working with their federal partners to come up with a plan to carry them in to the future in case this shutdown lasts past the month of October.