Medical marijuana bill: 'They get a quality of life back'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Some people in Roseburg are rejoicing, after Governor Kitzhaber signed a medical marijuana dispensaries bill.

For the first time, medical marijuana dispensaries are legal in Oregon.

Joyce Strop, co-owner of the Absolute Caring Cannabis Clinic, says she couldn't be happier. "Oh, it's wonderful," she said.

The bill gives the Oregon Health Authority the power to regulate dispensaries.

KPIC News spoke with the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Roseburg, although she declined to go on camera and identified herself only as "J."

The dispensary is located on Hooker Road across from Costco. It's called The Green House, and 'J' says she's gotten some criticism from people who do not like medical marijuana at all.

To those against it, she says medical marijuana can help people in a way pills never could.

The owners of the Cannabis Clinic agree. "They get a quality of life back," said co-owner Doyline Sousa.

"They're not just lethargic from taking so many pain pills," said Strop. "They're able to do stuff."