Not much to 'Like' about political Facebook posts, many say

PORTLAND, Ore. - Obnoxious, offensive, and all over your Facebook feed - we're talking about political comments and opinions from some of your closest friends and family members that have you cutting ties with them - at least online.

One out of every five Facebook users has unfriended, blocked or hidden somebody from their newsfeed because they just can't stand seeing the sometimes pretty snarky and colorful comments, according to the Pew Research Center.

It's coming from both sides of the political aisle and many people just can't take it anymore. On KATU's Facebook page, we asked how many people were frustrated with political posts on Facebook, and in just a couple of hours, our post received about 150 comments and 300 "Likes."

There are even Facebook pages now dedicated to cutting out the political posts on newsfeeds and even some downloads that can now help filter out your newsfeeds.

But it turns out being unfriended, blocked or hidden from someone's timeline is not really affecting the volume of posts.

So what can you do if your friend or family member is blathering on about politics and you're just sick and tired of it? We asked our social media expert, John Tierney, who is also our executive producer for to explain the Facebook options. Watch below: