Heavy rain prompts water rescues in Portland, Ore.

Heavy rain prompts water rescues in Portland, Ore. (KATU)

PORTLAND, Ore. — The rain is causing massive issues all around Portland, namely a growing number of landslides in the west hills and surrounding areas.

“So tired of it," said Karen Gordillo. "It’s just a little difficult to go do things and get motivation to go outside because it’s pouring and I'd rather be in bed.”

Three kids were rescued from a car near Buxton Thursday morning, stuck in the rising waters.

“It’s pretty fun," said truck driver Steven Nehls. "The snow was a blast. You know, rain, fun kind of sliding all over the place, watching idiots drive.”

“I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve never seen this much snow," said Kendra Mynatt. "It's crazy. The rain, I actually feel it hasn’t rained as much until the past few days. But, it’s been a wild winter for sure.”

The rain brought something new to Germantown Road near the St. Johns Bridge as a cascading water flow rushed by homes and through the street.

“I didn’t think I was actually seeing Germantown Road. I thought it was a waterfall but it was crazy,” she said.

“We are ready for a break at this point,” said Mynatt.

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