Possible human remains found on passenger seat from missing plane

The cockpit voice recorder and tail section of the Cessna believed to have been carrying six Powell residents were found and removed from Lake Erie on Friday.

In addition, a seat from the plane was found late Friday afternoon. Authorities believe the seat had possible human remains on it. Airport and city officials are involving the medical examiner to verify if the seat had human remains on it.

During the late afternoon search, divers believed they found other items from the plane. Those items will be recovered in the near future.

The cockpit voice recorder of the missing 525 Cessna Citation was found at 1:50 p.m. Friday along with other debris. That debris will be analyzed to see if it has any relevance to the investigation of the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board will take the recorder to Washington D.C. once it arrives at Burke Lakefront Airport and will begin a study of the information on it this weekend. The start of the investigation will be checking the clarity and authenticity of the recording to see what can help the investigation of the crash.

Tim Sorenson of the NTSB said the search is difficult because of the surface conditions on Lake Erie and the water temperature.

Officials from the NTSB, airport and city of Cleveland weren't willing to give a timetable on information from the recorder or possible recovery of the bodies of the six people on the plane.

Earlier Friday, calling hours and memorial service information for the Fleming family was released.

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