Woman seeks owner of prosthetic leg found on beach

POINT NO POINT, Wash. -- A beachcomber made a startling discovery along a Kitsap County shoreline on Sunday. It wasn't another severed foot that had washed up, but it was close.

Hannah Listle was looking for shells and other treasures along Point No Point beach when she stumbled upon a strange sight.

"From a distance, I wasn't quite sure because it looked like a foot," Listle said.

Immediately the Kingston woman thought of a string of grisly discoveries of people's feet that had washed ashore. However, the foot she found turned out to be an elaborately decorated prosthetic leg. The toes were painted with purple nail polish, and the calf was covered with depictions of skulls and roses.

"It's quite beautiful," she said. "Someone really personalized if for themselves."

For Listle, the mystery only grew because she couldn't see how the owner could leave the beach without realizing the leg was missing.

"I'm thinking maybe boating, you know they were out boating, maybe it fell off, fell off the boat," she said.

The limb looked to be in good condition so Listle took it home to clean it up, and find some way to track down its owner.

"Hopefully it goes back into their hands, or their leg," she said with a laugh.

All joking aside, Listle really does hope to find the owner. She'd also like to hear the story of how it got lost in the first place.

The KOMO 4 Problem Solvers encouraged Listle to file a police report and when she did, she was told a woman had reported losing her prosthetic leg at Point No Point beach the day before. However, she left no contact information.

Prosthetic legs cost between $5,000 and $50,000. The price includes microprocessors and bionic components that help recreate normal movement.