Winchester Dam repairs done, water levels to return

WINCHESTER, Ore. -- We are looking at some of the lowest water levels the North Umpqua River has seen in quite a while, but the Winchester Dam will soon be back up to normal.

Although these water levels are due to some routine repairs being made on the Winchester Dam, there are some important things that residents need to know.

David Williams, the District 15 Watermaster, says residents below the dam should keep an eye on water intakes until the dam fills back up. "If you're going to need to use water in that stretch below Winchester Dam down to River Forks Park, please do be aware that the river level may be slightly lower than normal, and as a consequence you need to keep an eye on where that intake is."

According to the water resources department, the repairs are completed and now it's time to begin re-filling the reservoir. "We should be done re-filling that reservoir in two or three days, and everything should be back to normal at that point," Williams said.

The good news is, these repairs will be finished up just in time for the rainy season.