Wildlife Safari welcomes 2 cheetah cubs

WINSTON, Ore. -- At the Wildlife Safari in Winston, staff have not just welcomed one, but two new bundles of joy.

Moonfire the cheetah may be a first-time mom, but the staff says she's shown signs of being a natural.

She gave birth last Thursday night, and employees at the park say everything is going well. "Moonfire is doing a great job being mom," said cheetah keeper Michelle Gruneisen. "They spend plenty of time nursing off of mom and grooming, and a lot of napping."

The two cubs are a week old and are being monitored on a 24 hour basis. "Cheetahs are really hard to breed in captivity," said Gruneisen. "So, we're proud to have the first litter on the west coast and the third litter of the year."

These two boys make a total of 173 cheetah cubs born at Wildlife Safari, which staff says makes it the most successful breeding program in the country.

The cubs are too young to be on display, but staff says both mama and her cubs are resting soundly for when that day comes.