'We're going to have a good run of fall Chinook'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The fall Chinook were certainly hopping out at the Happy Valley fish trap on Tuesday afternoon.

Members of the Umpqua Fishermen's Association casted their nets for a day of catching some brood stock.

The fishermen wrestled down some pretty good sized Chinook - some as big as 30 pounds.

The fish were then loaded into a tank truck to be transported to a hatchery at Rock Creek on the North Umpqua River. Dave Grosjacues of the association says it helps the populations. "Putting those back in the river, and that ensures we're going to have a good run of fall Chinook," he said. "I mean, our kids and grand kids are going to see just as many fall Chinook and they're going to be just as big as the ones we're seeing right now."

Catching the brood stock always draws quite a few spectators, who are amazed by the size of the fish.

The Umpqua Fishermen's Association plans to collect another batch of fall Chinook sometime next week.